Lusus. Dilectio. Permaneo. | Play. Love. Endure.
A Free & Fun Summer Camp for Adults | Let's Make the Most of Our Time Indoors!

Life is so much better when
we can spend time together!

Camp Yampire was founded in March 2020 in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. Creative minds from around the world collaborated to create an online and interactive space that provided free outlets to connect and have fun when so many were isolating indoors and combatting the loneliness that comes with it. It was, & continues to be, an example of what happens when those who make the world a better place assemble & share their awesome!

Now, as we begin our 2022 season, we see hope in a healthier & vaccinated tomorrow. We want to keep the awesome going in both our online and in-person endeavors - and you're invited to join the fun!

Camp yampire is open to all who seek kindness, connection, & creativity.

Find your pals at free events and camp weekends,
and join this labor of love that's sole purpose is to put some kindness back out into the world.