Lusus. Dilectio. Permaneo. | Play. Love. Endure.
Let's Make the Most of Our Time Indoors.


Covid 19...


2020 is kicking our collective butts 
right now,
wouldn't you agree?


We're doing our part,

staying indoors to flatten the curve

and get ahead of this pandemic.


But...humans are social creatures, and so many of us miss meeting new people,

making new friends, and FUN. 

Enter Camp yampire.

Join the indoor whimsy revolution,

streaming live from NYC to you.

Get excited!

Camp Yampire is peak NYC - equal parts weird and wonderful. Exactly

what we need right now. Joy in the midst

of the chaos...

- Edgar in NYC








what is camp yampire?

Camp Yampire was born from the "Pause" Order NYC was put under on March 22nd. Your camp counselor, Yam, has an events company, and as there can be no gatherings of more than two in the city right now, she aimed to bring her endeavors online, to which her husband Pie joined in with his epic coolness. The inaugural Camp Yampire was from March 20th-22nd and included family and friends in many fun remote activities. It is, as it sounds - summer camp for adults! Attendees joined on Zoom and Google Hangouts to play remote games, share meals, cheer at happy hours, dance, laugh, and be a kid again, if only for a weekend. Camp Yampire 2.0 (and beyond!) is now open to the public, to share happiness, joy, and light during a very dark time.

what's up with the name?

It is the combined names of your fellow founders of Camp Yampire and co-camp counselors, Yam & Pie! These are not our real names, but we kind of wish they were. We both work diligently to create a fun (and free!) camp experience for you and yours.

Is Camp Yampire Free?

Absolutely! We know things are tough right now and we don't want cost to ever be a barrier to entry. At the end of many events (especially ones hosted by guest camp counselors) you will have the option to donate what you wish via paypal and venmo to help support either them and their trade/talent, or the charity of their choice. E-Birthdays, however, do have a cost, as they are personalized to you. Those who are feeling generous can even donate E-birthday funds to to throw e-parties for those who can't afford it right now. 

Is this family friendly?

Most events are family friendly and anyone can attend anything, but some are definitely geared towards adults. For example, our night streams of our online games, movie streams, happy hours, and some dance parties with explicit lyrics will be designated "adults only recommended." Please log into Camp Yampire with that disclaimer known if little eyes will be watching, or join us after the kids have gone to bed.

I want to be a guest camp counselor!

Nice! Reach out to us in the connect tab to express your interest, and someone will get back to you. We have a fair amount of programming in place already, but if you have a stellar talent that must exist at Camp Yampire, we will do our best to make it happen! There will be a donate option for all guest camp counselors at the end of their performance/class, so if you are out of work (here's looking at you, hospitality and entertainment industry peeps), make sure to let us know so we can set up the donate option for you. 

what streaming services are you using? 

These are subject to change, of course, but to plan for Camp Yampire, you should have knowledge of Google Hangouts, Zoom, Kast Live stream, and TikTok. We will send you detailed information when you RSVP for an event. Also, if you aren't online, Charter Comms. will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households. 

I feel so isolated and sad right now... 

We feel ya. With no end in sight to the Pandemic, life is a big mess of uncertainty and fear right now. This was our main motivation for Camp Yampire - to do something to fight back against the sadness and loneliness rampant in NYC and beyond - and we hope we can bring you a smile soon. If, however, you are struggling with your mental health, just know there are many apps out there to help, who will lend you an ear, or direct you to the nearest remote health care professional. IOS & Android: notOK, What's Up, Mindshift, Happify, Headspace, and Talkspace.  





We're all in this together.

stay safe. stay indoors. practice radical kindness. 


   ©Camp Yampire 2020 | Brought to you by Wisdom Events | All rights reserved.

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