We're all in this together.

stay safe. stay indoors. practice radical kindness. 

Camp Yampire was brought to life in March 2020. It's a judgment-free, whimsy-filled remote summer camp for adults. Join us!

This is Yam & Pie.

We are nonsense-filled. Join us!



Our camp is different every time we hold it, with different guest camp counselors to teach you things and make you laugh.



(つ . •́ _ʖ •̀ .)つ

Weekends indoors are about to get a lot more fun.  

 ⊂(  。•́‿•̀。 ⊂ ) 

Join Yam and Pie, your camp counselors for the weekend, in an interactive, remote, and free camp experience for adults!

At Camp Yampire, our motto is:

Lusus. Dilectio. Permaneo

which is Latin for
Play. Love. Endure.



We are inclusive.

We are respectful.

We are friendly.

We spread kindness.

We are judgement-free.

We are inter sectional.

We make "staying in" fun.

join us in any capacity

CAMP YAMPIRE activities

  • Opening & closing ceremonies

  • Camper awards

  • Hammock happy hour

  • Meet and Greets

  • Giant tic tac toe

  • Jenga heart to heart

  • Community meals

  • Mixology classes

  • Jackbox Party pack games

  • Kast movie streaming

  • Crossfit on Zoom

  • MET Opera watch party

  • Yam vs Pie: Archery and cornhole

  • Yoga and guided meditation

  • Mask making tutorials

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Jam sessions

  • Cooking with Bevs

  • Tiny gardening

  • Friendship bracelet making

  • Mixology (vodka infusions)

  • Online karaoke!

  • Face masks and facials

  • Dance parties

  • Scrabble online

  • Virtual drum circle

  • Friendly wagers at the Camp Yampire Olympics

  • Cards Against Humanity online

  • Virtual mani pedi time

  • Haiku workshop

  • Remote volunteering

  • Disney sing a longs

  • Mafia/Warewolf

  • Baby animal viewing

  • Remote nature walks

  • Writing workshop

  • Virtual roller coasters

  • Live music

  • Virtual museum trips 

  • Theme nights! 

  • Remote smores

  • Storytelling circles

It's a different experience

every time you attend.

Have an idea for something that's not on this list? Let us know on the CONNECT page.

wow, this is extensive...

 Holy crap, I'm pumped!


  • Self-Care in Self-Quarantine

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Juggling with Suze

  • Pocket Beats with Sam

  • Haha Happy Hour

  • Boricua acoustics with Nora & Sons

  • Smooth Jams w/Neko Dan

  • Baking with Mags

  • Creative Writing with Leila

  • Happiest $&@*#! Hour

  • Live music with Mystic Bungalow

  • Coloring with Kelley

  • Let's Cook: Oreo Pancakes!

  • Haiku Happy Hour

  • "Drawful" tournament with Rocky

  • Acoustics Jam with Dominick

  • "Evil Apples" Tournament with Joe

  • Collaborative Songwriting with Daniel

  • Web Development 101 with Tim

  • Makeup Palette Roulette with Libby

  • Flaming Alcohol Ink Workshop

  • Resin Art Studio Sessions

  • Guitar Solo with Anthony

  • "Creating Cozy" with Kelly

  • Workout with Chris!

  • Let's Play: Fortnite with Dom

  • Beginner's Guitar with Daniel

  • Coding En Espanol With Aneudy

  • Collaborative Canvas

  • Cell Phone Art with Ella

  • Electronic Music Pre-Production
    with The Axions

  • Zoo Animal Cams

  • Virtual Book Club with Bevs & Andy

  • Workout with Anthony

  • Russian Alphabet with William

  • Virtual Background Karaoke

  • Pixel Art & Animation with Rob

  • Seated Yoga with Emily

  • Doodling with Frank

  • No-Sew Mask Making

  • Ukulele Disco     (AND MORE!)

Help to keep our weekends fresh and new! They are here to share their time and talent just for YOU.

Check out our previous Camp Yampire schedules in the  ARCHIVE tab.

There was more!?

And it's all free?

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