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We're all in this together.

stay safe. stay indoors. practice radical kindness. 

Camp Yampire was brought to life in March 2020. It's a judgment-free, whimsy-filled remote summer camp for adults. Join us!

This is Yam & Pie.
We are nonsense-filled. Join us!



Our camp is different every time we hold it, with different guest camp counselors to teach you things and make you laugh.



(つ . •́ _ʖ •̀ .)つ

Weekends indoors are about to get a lot more fun.  

 ⊂(  。•́‿•̀。 ⊂ ) 

Join Yam and Pie, your camp counselors for the weekend, in an interactive, remote, and free camp experience for adults!


At Camp Yampire, our motto is:

Lusus. Dilectio. Permaneo

which is Latin for
Play. Love. Endure.



We are inclusive.

We are respectful.

We are friendly.

We spread kindness.

We are judgement-free.

We are inter sectional.

We make "staying in" fun.

join us in any capacity

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Tent Badge White
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CAMP YAMPIRE activities

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Tent Badge White
  • Opening & closing ceremonies

  • Camper awards

  • Hammock happy hour

  • Meet and Greets

  • Giant tic tac toe

  • Jenga heart to heart

  • Community meals

  • Mixology classes

  • Jackbox Party pack games

  • Kast movie streaming

  • Crossfit on Zoom

  • MET Opera watch party

  • Yam vs Pie: Archery and cornhole

  • Yoga and guided meditation

  • Mask making tutorials