Three cheers to our campers who have achieved "Explorer Status!"





These campers have attended 10+ events, workshops, or sessions at Camp Yampire! Thank you for your support as we continue to grow!

 Inducted at Camp Yampire 6.0 

Alex H.


Andy S.


Aneudy A.


Anthony E.


Amanda S.

(Olympia Pathfinder)


Bevs & Andy A.


Chris W.


Daniel M.



Drew G.

(Pine Arrow)


Dominick E.

Ella P.


Emily W.


Felicity M.L.

(Electric Wanbli)


Joe C.


Josh L


Katie E.

(Cookie Breeze)


Kayla D.



Kiri O.


Kristy P.


Lacy R.

Lauren G.


Leila E.


Libby O.


Lindsey M.


Lordy B.


Maggie M.


Mags C.


Marlys A.


Meryl S.

(Broadway Sunshine)

Milca R.


Nora C.

Raymond W.


Rocky O.


Sharon S.

(Rocky Cool Breeze)


Shawna C.



Susan L.


Suze W.


Stan & Stacy K.


Tiffany H.

(Ms. Taffy)


Tim S.


William M.

 Inducted at Camp Yampire 7.0 

Adriana C.


Alex L.


Caitlin A.


Carol M.


DeLinda P.

Delphine N.


Edgardo M.


Emily S.


Erika M.


Frank C.

Henrietta A.


Leslie R.


Lindsey B.


Matt H.


Maya W.

Mitch H.


Ruthie M.


Sofia K.


Samantha H.


Tamara W.

 Inducted at Camp Yampire 8.0 

Aja H.

Alan R.

Alonso R.

Anthony M.

Bethany B.

Carla C.

Christina L.

Dan B.

Danielle S.

Eileen T.

Evonne D.

Ericka G.

Fauna Moonlight

Fauna Starlight

Harrison C.


Ifeoluwa G.

Jana S.

Janine S.

Jenni P.

Juliet M.

Kat W.

Kelly M.

Laura S.

Leanne B.

Lemoris F.

Lynn K.

Matt R.

Maya W.

Mike G.

Natalie A.G.

Rob M.

Samuel M.

Samantha P.

Sam W.

Sandra R.

Sharon A.

Star S.

Tricia T. (TT)

Vicky L.

Zoey M.

Camp Yampire



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