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Camp Yampire was founded in March 2020

by two New Yorkers (who go by their camp nicknames Yam and Pie) in direct response to the beginning of the NYC pandemic isolation period, when many of their friends were quarantining solo and in need of connection. The initial goal was to provide a bit of whimsical escapism and community for their circle of friends, but after the first installment, they opened it up to the public, and it continues to grow. The motto of Camp Yampire is "play," "love," and "endure" and sees campers joining in from nearly every state in the US, as well as an international following in Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Australia, India, Serbia, & the UK and EU.

The zoom camp offers opportunities to learn, move, play, and create with camp counselors across the country, Canada, (and Kenya!) Open to all ages but centered towards adults, breakout rooms activities range from watercolors, beatboxing, pendulum painting, workouts, and jam sessions, to virtual museum tours, juggling, baking, coding, video games, and self-care sessions. Campers build lasting friendships through collaborative main events like interactive murder mysteries, scavenger hunts, trivia and Jeopardy, Escape the Rooms, talent shows, and glow dance parties. Camp Yampire is completely online, completely free, and completely fun, with a mission of being inclusive and spreading joy