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Happy July, campers! This summer, we're combining Zoom & this July 16th-18th to celebrate nature in all its beauty at Camp Yampire: Ecological Empathy! This free and fun camp is open to all ages, but is catered to adults. We emphasize play as a form of self care, and connection as a balm to self-isolation during the pandemic. 

Learn, move, play, create, and listen to live music with campers from around the world, hosted by Yam, Pie, and amazing guest camp counselors from across the nation! And for the first time, our bonus day on Friday the 16th will be IN PERSON on Governor's Island in New York City! 

All "Zoomed" out from 2020? No worries, come join us in our virtual "greenhouse" on Topia - happening simultaneously with our sessions on Zoom - and chat, explore, and relax with fellow campers nearby thanks to spatial audio and video! After your time in Topia, pop back to zoom anytime to catch a nature-themed session from our excellent community of talented and knowledgeable guest camp counselors at Camp Yampire: Ecological Empathy!

Treat Camp Yampire like a festival, with multiple workshops and sessions going on in Zoom breakout rooms at the same time - visit any or all, and stay as long as you'd like. Your camp counselors, Yam & Pie, are hosting IN PERSON fun at Governor's Island from 3PM-8:30PM EDT on Friday (our bonus in-person day!), 6PM-12AM EDT on Saturday, & 6PM-10PM EDT on Sunday, with a new activity to immerse yourself in every half-hour. Check out the schedule, supplies, and registration links below - we hope to see you soon, campers!

Let's make the most of our time indoors this July, together.

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