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Welcome to the archive page for Camp Yampire: The Sunniest Spaces! We combined Zoom and from June 18th-20th to celebrate joy in all its universal (and unique) forms. 

Learn, move, play, create, and listen to live music with campers from around the world, hosted by Yam, Pie, and amazing guest camp counselors from across the nation! Celebrate the holidays of Juneteenth, Father's Day, & the Summer Solstice with us in an inclusive, welcoming, and creative space.

Your camp counselors, Yam & Pie, were online from 8PM-10:30PM EDT on Friday (our bonus camper social!), 4PM-12AM EDT on Saturday, & 4PM-9PM EDT on Sunday, with a new activity to immerse yourself in every half-hour. There were 80+ free, fun, and family-friendly things to do on Zoom & Topia!

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