Camp Yampire Moves to Topia!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

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We are so excited to announce that will be an integral part of camp weekends in 2021! Anyone who attended one of our camp weekends in 2020 saw a map at our opening ceremony & morning announcements that looked like this:

"Treat Camp Yampire like a festival" was our catch phrase, and we collectively imagined zoom breakout rooms as your Guest Camp Counselor's tents on our virtual campground. "Explore," we encouraged, and we learned as we went, which ended up working really well in 2020! Campers could come and go as they pleased, for the most part. But...there was still a fair amount of "video chat" hurdles to jump over that subtly reminded you people weren't around in person - waiting to be moved to a breakout room, for one. Feeling possible apprehension about leaving or joining a new activity if someone was speaking in the main space was another. Not being able to go into a room and chat with your pals if you wanted a moment to yourselves was a third. So, to keep moving onwards and upwards together, we're moving to Topia, where we hope we can find a whimsical fix for the issues above..

In an almost game-ified way, you can walk your avatar around a space we created just for our campers. We leaned into the black and white "sketchbook" style to keep an aesthetic of creation on the forefront of our camp weekends, while also allowing the pops of color to be your guide around the campgrounds! Our neon-lit marquees that mark our "Learn," "Move," "Play," "Create," "Relax," & "Listen" spaces are there to show you the way, and the video and audio will be spatial as you walk around (so we highly recommend headphones).

This means, if you are in the "Learn" space listing to lo-fi hip hop and doing some studying, you won't be able to hear a beginner's pottery class being held in the "Create" space, nor the dance party going on in "Move." All of our activities are on the same shared space so you can walk around, easily accessing everything without having to ask - almost everything is clickable and has a vibe attached to it, too. Your video and audio can be toggled off and on, as with Zoom, & screen sharing and audio broadcasting are on Topia, as well. One of the things we are most excited about for Topia is the movement that comes with it - with an avatar, you get a physical aspect that people are right next to you (kind of like when you put faux plants next to real ones, you brain treats them as all real), but the avatar isn't the star of the show, you and your video/audio are! You can make your avatar do simple things like dance, sit down, and throw up a heart emoji to show a very tangible love to those around you. When we're playing a game, you can walk over to your team's side. When we do a scavenger hunt, you can run around the map together to see the various challenges. When we do interactive theatre, you can explore and see a show, choose-your-own-adventure style. When we are doing a glow dance party, we can all physically dance our avatars on the floor while we also dance together on video. That brings us one step closer to feeling a deeper connection with one another, that so many of us came to Camp Yampire for.

Topia Tech Specs:

We highly recommend joining from a computer

(P.C. or Mac are both excellent!):

Tablets will work as well, as long as they have Chrome browser enabled. If you join from a computer, you will have a smoother experience on Topia.