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Play. Love. Endure.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The Camp Yampire Motto is Latin. Lusus. Dilectio. Permaneo. It means, Play. Love. Endure. - PLAY -

We have to keep our spirits high because every day, they are tested and beaten down. The effect of long term isolation is detrimental to the soul. Many of you are keeping it social and adapting to that remote life to play with friends and loved ones, but many more are not, especially those struggling with their mental health and those who are sheltering in place alone. Reach out. Join in. Let's be silly. It seems trite but I promise, it will be very beneficial in the long run for all of us. What is your favorite game to play right now? Tell us in the "CONNECT" tab.

- LOVE -

Practice radical kindness, campers. Canadians are calling it "caremongering." Be more kind and considerate to put good things out in the world right now. Tip graciously to your delivery people (if you can). Reach out to those you haven't heard from, check on your neighbors. Offer to snag supplies for those who can't go out. Pray or meditate with, and for, those who are scared and sick. Limit your supplies so no one goes without. Be a helper. Be a healer. And most importantly, unless your job requires otherwise, stay at home. That's the most loving thing we can do right now. You may be bored, stir crazy, lonely. but that does not matter in the larger scheme of things. What a privilege, to be bored! Count yourself blessed to be safe indoors. Let's work on using that stir crazy though, to spread love in your community and beyond and combat the loneliness.


This is perhaps the most important tenet of Camp Yampire - when it seems like the world is falling apart, keep calm and carry on. Be strong even if you don't feel very strong right now. Be diligent and practice safe hygiene for your well being, but also for the sake of every stranger you may inadvertently come into contact with. We hold camp, not to make light OF the situation, but to bring light TO the situation. Have you heard the self-care adage, fill up your own cup first? Our campers take care of ourselves so that we may take care of others. So we may endure, together.

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